Education Programs

Tahoe Maritime Museum is dedicated to educating youth and adults through interactive experiences both on and off the Museum grounds. The Museum offers a variety of educational opportunities including school field trips,  in-class presentations,  a lecture series, and other adult and children’s courses. The development of these programs has been guided by the interests of classroom teachers, state curriculum standards and existing local educational offerings. The programs have also been consistently evaluated through teacher and participant feedback forms. If you wish to sign yourself or a group up for one of these opportunities, or if you have any questions concerning our programs here at TMM please call Anton at 530.525.9253 ext. 103.

“It was the best museum I’ve been to.”

“Thank you so much for letting me come to the museum. I don’t have a favorite boat because I love them all. I hope I can come again.”

“It was the best day of my life”

“Thank you for showing us all the cool things in the museum. I had a great time there. I hope I can come again.”

“It was one of the best museums ever. I hope I can come again soon.”

“This was the best field trip of the year! You have a return class forever!!”

“I never knew some of the history we learned on the tour and I’m the teacher. This was fantastic!! We will definitely be back”

“This was fantastic, I am so glad you came over to the school and talked to us in-person. The kids loved it, and I really liked the small groups we were broken into. That really enhanced the tour a lot”

“I’m going to tell all the other teachers in the school what a great program you have going. I think it is very appropriate for all grades as well as adults”

“The history matched the state standards perfectly and the boats and engines really made it fun for the class. We learned a lot”

School Programs

Field Trips

Tahoe Maritime Museum prides itself on providing interactive, educational and fun field trips for visiting school or youth groups. Since the opening of the Museum in 2008 more than 800 students have visited. During a normal visit, students are welcomed to the Museum with a 5-10 minute introduction and then participate in 3 or 4 interactive and fun activity stations. These stations can be fit to the needs of the class or based on the exhibit in place.

In-Class Presentations/Traveling Trunk

In-class visits consist of an interactive presentation with questions and visuals by one of our trained educators. Content can be catered to fit the needs of the classroom but generally includes an overview of Tahoe maritime history, including: Native Americans, commercial and recreational use of the Lake, types of boat power including paddle, sail and motor, and information on the stewardship of Lake Tahoe.


Family and Adult Programs

Lecture Series

The Museum’s Lecture Series brings a wide range of experts to TMM to give talks on various topics concerning Lake Tahoe and maritime history. Past speakers have included Scott Cassell of the Undersea Voyager Progect, Bill Briner and Bill Lindemann of the Olympic Heritage Museum, and classic boat historian Brian Robinson. Talks regularly take place on Thursdays at 5:30 and cost $5 for members, $8 for non-members. To see a list of upcoming talks, see the event schedule.

For more information on any Education Program, call 530.525.9253 ext. 103.